LCG Jukebox is a music player for mobile phones that is designed
to suit all your music listening desires.

It offers excellent sound quality, comfortable playlist management,
easy music selection, equalizer, Internet streaming, and more.

Main features:-

* High-quality stereo playback
* MP3, AAC*, FLAC and OGG music formats
* Includes free SHOUTcast™ Internet radio directory
* Fine volume control - 100 levels from silence to loudness
* Sleep timer letting you to fall asleep with your music
* 10-band equalizer with several presets
* Playlist editor - add, remove, save, load, order your songs
* Bookmarks for comfortable playback of audio books
* Album image search on Internet
* Lyrics search and display
* Playback in normal or random order
* Mini mode displayed on phone idle screen
* Playback of Tracker music (MOD file format)

Select pairs of icons after the installation there will be two icons, Jukebox for the ******* version, JukeBox is not registered version, one does not take the time to open another on the list!
Change log:
2.70 - Search tracks in playlist editor, bookmarks for audio books, ask to exit option


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