UC Player v 2.3 60v3 English

UC Media (formerly UC player) supports RMVB, RM, etc. format,currently only supports S60V3, V5 series models.UC is an online streaming audio and video media player software,are UCWEB browser extensions,for the mobile Internet users with a more simple and effective solutionfor online streaming media.Released a new video playback capabilities,enabling the super-video data compression technology,the picture clearer,smoother! Whether live or on demand,can bring you the cool smooth feel,allowing you to fully experience the mobile multimedia world of fun!New Features: 1) Increasing the system decodes the control interface,local video playback. 2) Increasing the drawing mode settings (some models because the phone system compatibility,drawing may not be normal,then you can switch the mode to see drawing). Optimization:
1) The optimization of potatoes Youku and other video download.FLV playbackstops.
2) A clear version and optimize the online version of the big screen resolution and smooth.
3) Optimize the video smoother,more fluid play.
4) The optimization of videorecommended to reduce the download seed time,to accelerate the speed to open.
5) The optimal access point pop- up box, not many local players access point selectionpop-up box.
6) The update recommends adding tips.
1) QQ splash screen problem fix.
2) The repair part of mobile phone audio free graph problems (can be set to switch drawing to resolve).
3) The repair can not play rmvb file association problem after.
4) The repair part of the mobile phone player to exit full screen background question.
5) The dynamic process of repair networking problems flashing circle.

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