Aims Migital Smart Guard Plus Retail by 211avead-daeva112

Version: 2.00(0) Status: SIGNED Hide your Secret Photos, Videos, Messages, Contacts, Personal Data etc. in your Phone? Hide all Gallery Files – Images, Videos, Audio.. Hide Secret Sms & Contacts. Hide your personal information Like Credit cards, Passport Number, Account numbers etc. Hide Folders, Notes, Word, Excel, PPT Files etc. Access to Hidden Section is Password Protected! Additional Encryption option for Extra Protection. Note: After installation it will ask to fill your personal data. Don't write your real e-mail, just write wrong e-mail. Ex: a@ b.c. But if you forget your password, you can't get it again from official site, so don't forget about your password. **If you want to write real information, it's up to you. This is just my suggestion.

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