SymbianOn Private Call AndSms Guard v5.10 S60v3Unsigned Cracked- BiNPDA

"Private Call&Sms Guard" is a powerful and revolutionary mobile application in the world-- integrating the main features of several the most popular Call&SMS applications. This software helps mobile phone users maintain their privacy by hiding incoming short messages (SMS), multimedia short messages (MMS) and phone call history. All information is hidden and can only be accessed via the PCG application with a password. PCG has several methods of handling incoming phone calls and SMS/MMS message: BlackList Filter, WhiteList Filter, Personalized Call Rejection, and Records Phone Calls. Addtional features include hiding of files and keypad autolock. New Features Introduction: 1、Support More Mobile phones Support more mobile phones, like N97, N96, N85, N86, N78, N79, 5800XM, E75, 6650d, 6210S, 6220, I8510, I8910, L870... 2、Call Forwarding You may use this function to refuse blacklist number with voice messages like: "Not in service area","empty number"... etc. 3、 Refuse telephone with little rings Greatly shortened the ring times when you refuse the telephone. 4、Delete single log 5、Hide the MMS and email from babylist 6、Pressing the Hang up/End keys, doesn't exit software 7、 Delete spam SMS by number wildcards and keywords 1)If an SMS number matches with any of the predefined number wildcards, then the incoming SMS is deleted. The comparison is only compared with the first part of the SMS number. For example, if wildcard keywords have “+86966 966” defined, then any of the incoming SMS message number starting with “+86966” and “966” will be automatically deleted. 2)If an incoming SMS contains any of the keywords predefined, and it is an unknown number, the message is automatically removed! 8、Create a secrete name list for making call, sending messages, and message management It can maintain a secret name list (Baby list) for making call and send SMS/MMS, however, the number does not need to be in
the S60 “Contacts” application. In the “Baby list” window, a user may make calls and send messages. 9、Back up SMS messages from Baby list Back up the SMS messages for your favorite people defined in “Baby list” to PC. The message log looks like the one in a real chatting. The messages in the “Inbox” and “Outbox” are intermixed together. The final
message log can be viewed by Windows Word application. 10、Fake SMS function a customized SMS will be put into the inbox of S60 “Messaging” to simulate an incoming SMS when there is any of the incoming SMS/MMS from “Baby list”. The real incoming SMS becomes hidden and protected. 11、Camera key to record Other features brief introduction

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