HongDi Technology DuDu.v5.20 s60v5,v3

DuDu is a Call Recorder for Symbian S60 phones. This application is easy to use, while retaining all of the features you'll ever need. DuDu uses super memory light AMR format, so you can literally record thousands of hours of calls on memory cards. You can browse, sort, delete and transfer all the phone calls with ease. Features : Automatic recording of phone calls. Unlimited Recording Time. Support recording in AMR formats. Support recording to internal memory or directly to memory card. Operate in background mode or/and user
interactive mode. Always ready to accept hotkeys. Easy to manage/browse the details of all recorded clips such as caller id, duration, timestamp. Sort recorded clip by timestamp, phone number or person's name. Protects important conversations. Easy to retrieve the recorded voice clips using Nokia PC suite. Automatic startup upon phone power on. You can enable/disable this through the application settings. Compatibility: 3250,5320,5500,5630,5700, 5710,5730,6 110,6120,6121, 6122,6124, 6210,6220,6290,6650,6700 slid,6710,6720 ,6730,6760,6 790,6788,6788i; C5,E5,E50,E51,E52,E55,E60, E61,E61i ,E62,E63,E65,E66 , E70,E71,E71x,E72,E75,E90; N71,N73,N75,N76,N77,N78, N79,N80,N8 1,N82, N83,N85,N86,N91,N92,N93, N93i,N95,N 96; 5800XM,N97,N97 mini,X6,5230,5235,5530XM, C6
- Supprt Symbian^3: N8,C6,C7,E7. - Improve the speed to delete multi recorded clips. Attention: Don't UNINSTALL old version of DuDu Recorder, otherwise the recorded clips will be lost.
HongDi Technology DuDu.v5.20

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