Best Profiles allows automatic profiles switching according to your schedule, calendar or GSM cell location. For each profile Best Profiles allows selection of additional settings such as: backlight, sound on activate, run custom application etc. Any user of a Nokia Smartphone had experienced the following situations: while in the office, meeting or dinner suddenly your phone disturbs you. An incoming call? Not now! It's the only thing you can think about at the moment. Quite often interruption puts you into an embarrassing situation. Another example: you are lying in bed, trying to have some rest after a hard day at work, and again the phone
is ringing, because you forgot to switch off "your favourite toy"... Terrible! It is natural to expect your smartphone to be able to change profile settings automatically, for example a silent mode at night or at work. Unfortunately, the smartphone does not offer such a possibility. But there's no need to worry: Best Profiles integrates this feature into your smartphone! Features: * Schedule rules - allows defining a schedule to change profiles; * Calendar rules - allows switching profiles basing on calendar events; * Rules priority - allows configuring rules priority; * Today view - summary view showing how exactly Calendar and Schedule rules will work, taking into account priority; * GSM Location rules - allows switching profile automatically if GSM cell serving your phone changes; * GSM Cell log - allows recording GSM Cells IDs in a log for easier management of Location rules; * Charger rules - plug/unplug charger rules; * Advanced profile settings - extended settings to take effect at respective profile activation; * Timed profile activation - allows activating a profile for a certain period of time; * Lock profile - Profile lock against automatic rules effect; the locked profile can be changed only manually or with help of "Cancel activation" function; Changelog: Unavailable at the moment. Attached:

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