F-Secure Anti-Theftv6.60.17142 S60v3 S60v5 S^3SymbianOS9.x Signed Full

F-Secure Anti-Theft untuk
Mobile. Anda dapat yakin bahwa
informasi pribadi dan rahasia
memenangkan disalahgunakan oleh
siapa saja.
- Kunci telepon Anda dar jarak jauh via SMS
- Menghapus data rahasia dari jarak jauh via SMS
-Dapatkan informasi yang mencuri telepon Anda
- Temukan hp Anda
- Mudah untuk meng-upgrad dengan fitur keamanan tambaha langsung melalui ponsel.

Fitur dan cara y.. (translate)
- REMOTE LOCK YOUR PHONE Ok, you lost your phone lock it quickly with single SMS message! The phone stays locked until you get it back and enter the right password. Send text message: #lock# to your phone to lock it
- REMOTE WIPE YOUR PHONE If it looks like you wont be getting your phone back you have one more trick up your sleeve - erase all your confidential data. the thief is left with just the covers without of the content. Send the text message: #wipe# to your phone to wipe it.
- LOCATE YOUR MISSING PHONE How do you locate your lost phone or the person who has it?
Its simple use locate and see it on a map. Its as easy as that! Send text message: #locate# to your phone to see its location on a map. #THEFT CONTROL#
Want to nab the thief? If someone steals your phone and changes the sim card, the phone locks down automatically and the thiefs phone number is reported to you. This feature works automatically when its activated.
F-Secure Anti-Theft
v6.60.17142 S60v3v5Symbian^3
SymbianOS9.x Signed Full.sisx

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